5 Steps to Your New Career

Do You Need Help Changing Your Career,

Finding A New Career Or

Just Improving The One You Have Now?

Are you struggling to find a job? 

Are you looking for a new job or a new career?

Have you been made redundant or are facing redundancy?

Or are you unhappy at work?

Is the job you’re doing now one that you are no longer interested in?

Perhaps you dread Monday mornings and cheer when Friday evening approaches!

You know, it doesn’t have to be that way.  You too, deserve to spend your life doing work that you love and that inspires and energizes you.  More importantly, when your work is your passion, you tend to get paid well for it. Did you know that more than 60% of the workforce is not happy in their current jobs but with the recession in full swing, few have the courage to do anything about it?

Just as tennis players at Wimbledon have their own personal coaches, the fastest way to accelerate your career is do the same as a tennis player: get a career coach. One of the main tasks of a coach is to help improve the mindset of the client to enable them to succeed.


Just imagine you are at a crossroads at present. Maybe the crossroads is that you do not like your job. Or you have been made redundant and have a number of options but you don’t know which option to take.  It could be that you are ready to start your own business but you are not clear which direction will be a success. This workshop will help you to address any of these scenarios.

If you are ready to do change your career, career expert Ghazala Faizi will show you how. She is a trained Career Coach. She knows the challenges you are facing because she has been there already.  She was made redundant in 2008 after working for her public sector employer for 10 years! Having hired a Career Coach Ghazala found it much easier to find her ideal career. She now has her own thriving business doing what she loves best, helping other people do work that they love.

5 Steps To Your New Career Workshop

Ghazala has created a 5 step program to accelerate your career change. The process begins by identifying and revealing what your vision and values are.  Then an in depth process explores how your mindset has been blocking you from success and addresses any limiting beliefs you may have. 

A belief is something you tell yourself over and over again which you eventually think is true.  Your beliefs are 100% responsible for all the results you see in your life. Your beliefs are so powerful they create your physical reality.  Limiting beliefs are embedded in our subconscious mind which are much more powerful than anything in our conscious mind. With Ghazala you will reframe your beliefs and mindset so that instead of sabotaging your success, they serve you and support you to get your ideal career.

The next stage explores your passion and then reviews your skills set to establish your transferable skills and decide whether you wish to retrain in a new area. Then you decide your goals for your career change. If you don’t have written goals, your dreams cannot be achieved. When you do work you love, it feels like you are playing and you are much more productive and creative.

Why You Must Attend This Workshop

5 Steps To Career Change is a full day workshop for a maximum of 10 people enabling Ghazala to spend quality time Coaching you through the 5 steps required to achieve the new career you deserve. When you walk away from the workshop you will know exactly how to find your perfect career and will be confident and clear about what you will do next.

What is Following These 5 Steps Worth?

The value of spending a full day with a professional Career Coach is worth at least $1,000 alone. Add to that the action plan you will take away from the day and you could easily be accepting your new career within weeks of attending. What value would you put on having a new job or career, what value would you put on knowing what new career you would like to do?

Overcoming your limiting beliefs and knowing what you would like to do can make a significant difference to your ability to achieve the career you seek. 

Where and When Will the Event Be Held?

This one day workshop to fast-track your career change is on … Choose whichever day suits you.  The event will take place from 10.00am to 5.00pm at ..

How Much Will The Event Cost?

Ghazala will take you through 5 steps to change your career over one whole day at the low cost of … There are only 10 places in total for each day so grab your place fast!  The early bird offer is only … and ends shortly. If you have any questions, email Ghazala on ghazala@careerchangeat40.com. Book your place below now and I will be in touch straight away.



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