Why You Should Consider Entrepreneurship For Your New Career

Increasing numbers of people are finding themselves out of a job with or without redundancy pay to tide them over.  It’s not surprising that many decide to set up their own businesses as their new career instead of repeatedly applying for jobs.  This is an excellent time to set up a new business being the era of the internet and the information age. You can find information on practically any subject at the push of a button, something unheard of only 10 years ago. More importantly, this information is free to all.

Today, the standard of living in western countries and the technology available to anyone in the world today surpass the luxuries and privileges available to kings, just a century ago. The overheads for starting a business online are minute compared to those of a bricks and mortar business.  As the majority of businesses today find most of their customers through the internet, an online presence is now central to the success of small businesses.

As an entrepreneur, you are your own boss and the CEO of your own company. Many of the functions and tasks that would have been carried out by staff in larger organisations can now be outsourced in an online business for a fraction of the costs.  There are freelancing sites such as www.oDesk.com, www.elance.com and others that can find reliable, experienced staff for you in countries where contract employment is welcomed as it provides a lifeline to the individuals involved.

As a trained Career Coach, I assist people who want to set up their own businesses as their career change, as well as those who are seeking a new career in paid employment.  For my support, you can contact me by emailing me at Ghazala@CareerChangeat40.com or by calling me on +44 7563 563 254.

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