How To Accelerate Your Career Change

This program consists of a one day intensive plus two sessions of coaching and mentoring where you and I will work together to transform your career.

Hello Career Change Seeker,

In the next few minutes I will explain to you how you can find the career you have always dreamed about.

Have You Settled For A Career That Makes You Unhappy?

Would You Like A Career That Better Suits Your Skills?

 Did You Sell Out On Your Dream?

Would You Like To Turn Your Dream Into Your Career?

Are You Facing Redundancy Or Have You Already Been Made Redundant?

Do You Need Help To Find A New Job/Career?

Are You Still Out Of Work and Unsure What To Do?

Are You Ready To Change Your Career For The Better?

Do You Have Sleepless Nights Worrying About Your Lack Of Income?

Do You Want To Find Out How To Generate An Income Doing What You Love?

Maybe your lack of work is affecting your relationships?  Or are you relying on drinking or smoking to get you through the times when you feel depressed about your lack of work? Perhaps you feel trapped in your job?

Every one of us has experienced pain and challenges. Most people shrink down to fit in, when they were born to stand out. Like all of us, you have strengths and gifts that can help you achieve the life you wish to lead.

Would you like to have the income, health and happiness that you deserve? I will show you how working in the career you love can bring you the life you have always craved. You are capable of limitless possibilities. There is really nothing that you cannot do.  You can do and be anything you want. Your greatness is waiting to be released!

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Successful People Get The Best Tools

Successful people get the best tools during their career change: a map and a mentor.  A coach helps you achieve clarity on your current and future career and set goals that are achievable though challenging. They also ensure that you stay focussed and persistently work towards your goals without losing track or getting distracted. A coach/mentor provides you with shortcuts as they are the best at what they do.  They help when you get stuck.

If your dream is not for sale, then invest in yourself to live that dream by investing in this program and working with me for your success.

What Are Your Career Options?

Most people aren’t aware of the variety of career options available to them.  For instance, you could use your existing skills and knowledge or embark in a completely different direction. Each of us has unique talents, gifts or skills that no one else has. All the skills you have developed and your talents belong to you.  You take them with you wherever you go.  Are you aware what your transferable skills and talents are?

We will explore what your interests and passions are.  What do you spend time on, what do you search on Google for the most, what feels like play to you and when you are engaged in it, time seems to fly by? 

What Are The Market Realities?

Knowing what the market realities are is necessary to make the correct decisions about your new career. By this I mean someone must be willing to pay for your product or services arising out of your hobbies or skills. Many people over 40 have used the knowledge gained in their former careers to set up their own businesses where they have achieved branding as the experts in their fields.  They now have numerous new clients and lucrative new careers.

Did you know that internet marketing is an alternative way of making a living and anyone can do it? Even in a recession lots of people are making very good incomes online. One of the reasons is that there is a world-wide marketplace for whatever products you wish to sell and another is that people are willing to pay for good information that provides value to them. There has never been a better time to start your own business and/or be an online entrepreneur.

The First Step To Career Change At 40+

Here’s what Denise had to say about the Career Change Intensive day she spent with me.

You and I will be working together in a partnership to help you change your career.  There will be preparation for the event beforehand. First of all, I will send you questionnaires to learn about you and then you will have a coaching session with me via Skype. Following this there may be some research for you and I to complete. 

The Career Change Intensive Program

Then we will be ready for your career make over. The Career Change Intensive main event is a full day one to one, face to face event in a Hotel or similar meeting room where together we will explore the 7 steps to career change stated below. Following the event, you will get a further three coaching sessions at the times you choose to support you while you take the actions to change your career.

This is what you’ll discover on the Career Change Intensive Program over the day:

How to Accelerate Your Career Change in 7 Stages

  1. Discover what your ideal or dream career is and explore areas of your career to focus on to find your purpose/passion
  2. Mindset – determine what is holding you back and address it
  3. Reframe: create a positive, dynamic story for a new successful career
  4. Review of all skills, knowledge, experience and interests
  5. Set goals and agree a Career Plan of actionable steps with deadlines
  6. Retrain in a new area or consolidate existing skills
  7. Job Search: CV/Resume, cover letters, social media, interviews

You will set the agenda and the outcomes you wish to achieve from the day with my support. We will spend time on the stages that you decide are relevant to you as this program will be adapted to your requirements. We may decide to spend more time on stage 1, finding out what your ideal career is or stage 5, setting your career goals for example.

The event will take place at a suitable venue and date agreed mutually.  There will be refreshments and lunch provided during the day.  Travel and any other costs incurred in getting to the venue will be your responsibility.

What Will You Walk Away With?

This is a testimonial of my coaching following a full day spent with me on the Career Change Intensive.

By the end of the one day event, you will have a comprehensive package for your career change. You will have goals, a vision and renewed purpose. You will walk away with a clear road map in the form of a Career Plan broken down into actionable steps.  In the next few weeks as you begin to make the agreed changes, you will receive a further coaching session to support you on your path.  In between the sessions, I will keep in contact with you.  The entire process can take from 2 to 4 months depending on your requirements. The end result if you follow through, will be that you will be working in the career that you have always wanted.

Your Return on Investment (ROI)

So now you know what the seven stages are, you could do this on your own to change your career. Most people would find these 7 stages somewhat challenging to achieve. Most of us have never been taught to discover our passion. If you are like me, this could take you a long time to achieve.

How often have you been shown how to create a positive mindset, define your values or establish your limiting beliefs? Do you know how to write a Career Plan and then put your plan into place?

If you hire me as your Career Coach, I will take you step by step through the process and guide you to your ideal outcome. This means you discover your passion, create the right mindset to enable you to reframe, review and retrain and ensuring that you find your new career or get the job or business opportunity you really want and deserve.

Please consider this more as an investment than a cost.  My objective is to help you find the Career that achieves the best return on your time which means if you follow through to a successful end result you will recover your investment many times over.

Just imagine if having worked with me over a period of time you achieved a monthly income of between £3,000 and £8,000 may be more, you will have recouped your Coaching costs many times over.

If you are facing redundancy right now and spend time with me, I will ensure that you have a career plan that will enable you to walk into a new position in the public or private sector.  Or perhaps you will create a new position in the private sector by starting your own business.

What will my investment be?

I have more than 20 years of management experience in the public sector, much of it spent on recruitment of staff, redundancy, redeployment, grievance and disciplinary procedures.  All this has given me an excellent grounding in skills in the careers field from the employer’s point of view. Further to this, I have committed two years to learning the coaching and mentoring skills needed to help you create the tools you need to find the new career which best suits you.

I will be sitting down with you on a one to one basis giving my undivided attention to you and your career aspirations for at least 8 hours face to face. This is worth £3,000 on its own. The two coaching sessions alone are worth £397. I will be sharing with you all the knowledge I have to help you identify your new career. The many years of my personal experience has led me to where I’m at right now, which is worth at least £9,997.

I am offering you a bespoke program, one that is tailored to your needs.  You won’t find this program anywhere else. I am going to focus on you and will not be putting you in a room with others. Time spent with me is worth this amount of money to you as just in one month alone you will get back your investment.

Your Investment To Achieve Your Career Change Plan

When considering making an investment in your future it is important to consider what is on offer and compare this with your likely return, so let me just recap on what this Career Change Intensive Program includes:

  • A detailed questionnaire for you to complete and for me to review before we meet.
  • A one hour pre event discussion which prepares you for the one day event.
  • A full day at a suitable Hotel or meeting room where we can sit quietly together and go through the 7 stages of Career Change.
  • Food and refreshments included.
  • 1 further one hour Coaching session to help you create the Career plan and implement your Career Change process.
  • Contact via email so I can monitor your progress, answer your questions and keep you on track towards your new career.

When you consider the amount of time I will commit to helping you find the Career which best suits you and the amount of knowledge and experience I will be sharing with you, putting the price of my Career Change Intensive at £4,997 ($7,495) is not unreasonable.

However, I have set the price of the Career Change Intensive program at £2,500 ($3,750).

For the first five people, I am going to set the rate at £497.  If you would like to secure my Career Change Intensive at £497, a huge saving on the usual price you need to click the Buy Now button below and secure your place today.

£497 ($745)As soon as I receive your payment I will be in contact to get you started on the program, the first step will be to complete a questionnaire, followed by our first Coaching call, we can then agree a date and location for the main event.

£497 ($745)
Working Together To Turn Your Passion Into Your Career

Ghazala Faizi

Career Change Coach