Are You Ready For A Career Change?

Sometimes the very prospect of changing your career can be daunting and it’s no surprise that many continue with the daily rat race rather than embark on what might be a long process. However, what may seem impossible today may seem highly achievable tomorrow. What can change the situation completely for you is whether you get support for your career change.

I have been through a complete career change myself and know the challenges you are facing. I had worked all of my life in the public corporate sector only to be given redundancy after 10 years of loyal service to my last employer. Despite being a valued member of staff, having an excellent track record and reputation, being a senior manager, none of this mattered in the end when decisions were made. The organisation underwent a major restructuring and my post, among many others was deleted.

It was difficult to accept at first as I had invested emotionally as well as professionally with this employer and was losing a social circle too. However, I knew I had been coasting in my job and had needed to move on for some time. I had wanted to do consultancy work but felt unable to leave my ‘permanent job’. Well, now I know that there are very few ‘permanent’ jobs today. ‘Jobs for life’ are definitely in the past and loyalty to one employer has been replaced by loyalty to one’s own career or industry.

What enabled me to change my career to work in my passion was getting guidance and support from a coach who helped me set up my own business.  At that time, I was unaware of the rules and regulations affecting small businesses. I was very soon able to register my new company and began working for myself.

Anyone can completely change their career at any age. For most of us, reaching 40 is a huge milestone, not only in terms of our career aspirations but in terms of our life plans. We come to the realisation that time is not endless and we have not yet achieved the life we had been dreaming of. It may even be that we have been completely deflected from our own ambitions by the pressures of duty and responsibility.

However some people, perhaps once their children have grown up and left home, have decided that now is their time and they can put themselves first. Are you one of them? Perhaps you are asking, “what is it that I want to do? What is my passion? I would like to work for myself but what can I do and what will work? How will I support myself until it becomes a success?”

If you invest in yourself to live your dream by engaging a career coach, your coach will help you answer all the above questions and more. If you would like to work with me, contact me on 07563 563 254 from the UK or 0044 7563 563 254 from abroad or you can email me at

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