1.  How do I find out what my passion is or where my particular talents lie?

I will help you to discover this through coaching/mentoring and to find a career that inspires and motivates you.

2.  How can I become financially independent in a recession?

There are approx. 30m people in work at the present time, even during the recession.  There are always jobs becoming vacant and posts getting filled.  There are also a vast number of successful small businesses in operation today. The question is, do you want to position yourself to get the job you have always wanted?

3.  How can I make my CV stand out?

As your career coach I can support you in developing a CV that is professional, brings out your strengths and gets you noticed.

4.  How can I find my ideal career?

Did you know that most people change their careers 5-10 times in their lifetimes?  By working with me as your career coach you will find out what it is you really want, where your talents lie and thereby find your dream career.

5.  How can coaching help me find a job?

In these times where job security no longer exists for most of us, you need to take steps to ensure your current and future employability. As your career coach I will assist in developing your employability in the following ways: identifying your skills and abilities as well as your potential in the areas that interest you; developing a vision for your career and a career action plan. You will implement your action plan through clear, achievable steps for which you will be held accountable and supported by me.

6.  How can I gain the confidence to do well in interviews?

You can learn interview techniques and we will address confidence issues through coaching and support.

7.  How can I learn anything new or change my career as I am no longer young and have been working in the same field for years?

In the new global economy, life long learning is now recognised as being essential for career success.  Older workers are now finding ways to make money through internet marketing and setting up their own businesses among other avenues.

8.  Even though I feel trapped in my current job, I don’t know what else I could do?

Through my career coaching, a career planning process of self-awareness, career exploration, and job search strategies will move you forward and a range of options will develop for you to pursue.