Confidence & Self Promotion: 3 Reasons Why Aspiring High Flying Women Need Them

Women have to be extr

emely confident in their own abilities and clear that they really want senior jobs. Despite being well qualified and having proven abilities, many women vacillate about whether they should even apply for senior posts. And self promotion is an absolute must for women who want to make it. Are you a woman who wants to make it? To find out how you can succeed, take a look at the following report “Calling Women over 40! Why You Are Stuck In Your Career And What you Can Do About It” by Claudia Crawley & Ghazala Faizi.

Here are 3 good reasons to build up your confidence and promote yourself.

1. Too often women find they need to ‘knock on closed doors’ whereas men are likely find the door open should they decide to apply.

Hewlett-Packard revealed that women only apply for open jobs if they think they meet 100% of the criteria listed; men apply if they think they meet 60% of the requirements. So why is this?

According to Peggy Klaus, author of ‘BRAG! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It’, , “It has to do with the cultural, societal, religious, and familial ‘myths’ that we’ve grown up with since we’ve emerged from the womb: about how we should behave, how we should look and how we should think. One of those myths is that women should not bring attention to themselves―that their attention should go towards nurturing, encouraging and “bragging about others.”

2.  Self promotion is vital even if there is a backlash due to gender and cultural stereotypes. You won’t get anywhere in your career without it. According to research, people who are comfortable promoting themselves tend to be more successful in getting through interviews and landing that dream job. Not only do they build stronger networks – they have greater success in business and throughout their careers”. So how should you ‘brag’ and feel ok about doing it?

According to Klaus, brag in a ‘gracious, graceful manner’. She says, “women have what I call a narrower band of acceptable communication and behaviour then do white men. (By the way, women and men of colour have an even a narrower band).”

She recommends that women brag through storytelling in a conversational way through ‘bragologues’. “Bragologues are powerful in getting people to think about you in just the ways you want. These pithy and entertaining “monologues” are woven together with a few memorable or impressive nuggets of information called brag bites―pieces of relevant facts, such as clients that you’re working with, how long you’ve been in the industry, or a project you’ve recently completed….Hone in on your accomplishments, successes, obstacles you’ve overcome, and other positive attributes”.

Here are 5 top tips for promoting yourself:

i)               Promote your value: Share the achievements and successes you bring to the table

ii)             Give examples: Share what you are passionate about and know a great deal about.

iii)            Keep it relevant: Think about your audience and be strategic in what you communicate

iv)            Toot the horn for others: When you recognise and publicise the accomplishments of other people it’s a win-win for all and indirectly promotes you too.

v)              Deal with disapproval: You may experience criticism and negative comments when you become the leader you always expected to be. You can reframe the criticism and deal with it. Shrug it off, resilience is key.

3. Confidence is a central issue for all women, even those who have reached the top. Even the amazing Sheryl Sandberg admitted that she often feels ‘not good enough’. We’re not too good at owning our successes and often put them down to luck or give others the credit. Women should own their strengths, skills and achievements and go out there and be seen AND heard.

While planning your career may seem a daunting and difficult task, you don’t need to do it alone. Claudia Crawley and I are running a two day immersive workshop in September for women like you, over 40, ambitious and determined to do the high level work you know you are eminently capable of.

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