Career Coaching -Career Change

Are you yearning to change your career? Would you like support to help you achieve your career change decisively and effectively, or will you choose to continue procrastinating for years? Do you know what your passion is or would you like help to discover it?

I am a fully qualified business and life coach specializing in career management. I have more than 20 years of experience as a senior manager and as an employer, generally in local government.  For most of this time, my role as a manager of around 50 staff involved leading on recruitment, redundancy and redeployment procedures for a large employer and working closely with the Human Resources department.  I have a great deal of experience of writing job descriptions and adverts, organizing and holding interviews as well as hiring and firing staff. I know what employers are looking for and I know the challenges people who want to change their careers face.

I have been through the redundancy process myself and have been on the career change journey too. In my case, I changed career in two stages.  First, after taking redundancy in 2007, I created my own company with the help of a business coach.  Through this company I worked as an Interim Manager or consultant for the public sector. However, I was still unhappy and realized that I wanted a complete career change.  As a result of networking with another consultant, I embarked on comprehensive retraining as a business and a life coach with The Coaching Academy. 

I discovered my passion when I realized that I was committed to helping people do work that they love. If you would like my support during your career change, email me at or go to

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