Career Change With A Vision

Have you been to the Island of Possibilities?  This is your vision for your future business or career. If you don’t have a vision for your future, how will you know when you have reached it or whether you are on track?

A vision can include how you see yourself, where you will be living, what you will be doing in terms of work or play.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if your work was your play! Just imagine,10 years in the future you love what you do and bounce out of bed with excitement and energy each morning as you look forward to the new day.

If you are stuck regarding your vision, you can develop one by finding a quiet place to relax, close your eyes and give yourself time to reflect on what you could do if there were no limits imposed on you, money was no object and you only had to please yourself.  Is it easier now?  What does it sound like, what colours come up and how does it feel? Allow yourself to dream about your ideal career or business.

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