Career Change Whilst Knowing Your Most Important Values

Do you know what your core values are?  Most of us are not conscious of our values, yet they are the drivers for our behavior and approach to life. If what we say and do doesn’t reflect our deeply held values, we will be unhappy or dissatisfied.  This is because our values give us the sense of who we are and are the rules or guidelines by which we lead our lives. In your career change, make sure you know whether you are leading your working life by your own values, especially those you hold dear, and not by the values of others.

For example, if working in the open is an important value to you but you work in an office, you may not be happy. Another example is where contribution is crucial to an employee but the employer rides roughshod over the views and interests of their customers in the interests of profits.

There are hundreds of values and they include: honesty, cooperation, commitment, joy, faith, freedom, independence, balance, ethics, courage, diversity, excellence, decisiveness, creativity, peace, and challenge.

Do you want to discover your values and find out whether they are congruent with your current career or other aspects of your life? A career coach will explore your deeply held values with you and you may be surprised by what you learn! Having knowledge about yourself at a profound level can help to define what you actually want from your life, particularly during a career change. When you live according to your values, life feels good and you will feel a sense of deep contentment.

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