Career Change Through the Power of Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking now has scientific credibility. A positive mindset can really change the brain in ways unimagined earlier. Dr Norman Doidge M.D.’s in his book ‘the Brain that Changes Itself’, (2007) explores neuroplasticity, which is the capacity of the brain to rewire by creating new neural pathways and adapting itself to our thoughts. All you have to do during your career change is to repeat activities to reinforce new learning.

We now know that the brain does not have fixed areas for particular functions and is not immutable. Examples abound of people with damaged or missing parts of their brains who have been able to adapt other parts of their brains to provide vital functions through rewiring. One example is the stroke victim who was unable to feed or dress himself but was able to learn to speak and move again after following exercises to rewire the brain.

Repeating positive thoughts will create paths in the brain and strengthen the brain to incite positive feeling.  This is why affirmations work, especially when we are feeling pessimistic. Using affirmations during your career change will help you to deal with obstacles such as fear of failure, low self esteem, low confidence, etc.

We all have the ability to lead happier and more creative lives through positive thinking and using the brain in more structured ways.

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