Career Change Through Coaching

What is Coaching?

There are many coaching programmes being sold via the internet today that are not actually providing coaching but are providing training e.g. how to develop various specialist skills in internet marketing or how to use social media, etc.  I think it’s vital that you understand what coaching does mean and what the benefits could be for you during your career change.

Coaching is an enabling and a facilitative process. Coaching examines and clarifies an individual’s goals, values/beliefs and is results and outcome driven. Coaches help unlock their client’s potential by believing in them, expecting the best from them and by providing tools to help them achieve their goals, such as a career change.

A critical role of a coach is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for the individual to grow and develop his or her own insights, strategies and solutions that will enable them to move forward and succeed.


  • Develops and encourages an individual’s personal best.
  • Keeps the individual forward-thinking and focussed on new opportunities of growth and development.
  • Works through obstacles to change and overcoming self limiting beliefs and self-sabotage
  • Maintains a balance between professional and personal life.

Some specific benefits of coaching are:

  • Clarifying what you want from life – your purpose and vision
  • Setting more effective goals and achieving success
  • Having someone ‘on your side’ to support and encourage you through your journey of change
  • Having someone to keep you focussed and challenge
  • Having a sounding board for your ideas, plans and strategies.

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