Career Change: The Power Of Vulnerability

Have you come across the TED talk by Brene Brown in 2010 called The Power of Vulnerability? I came across the video below last year and was very moved at the time. Thanks to a friend I watched it again today and was struck by how true and insightful Brene’s comments are, especially as they are evidence based, following several years of research. Her research has shown how important vulnerability is and how central a role it plays in the lives of the very successful.  Many of the people who succeed are ‘wholehearted‘ in the way they lead their live.

Brene Brown argues that “vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, creativity and love”. You can choose to surrender to vulnerability and tenderness or to fight it.  Sadly, for many of us, the more vulnerable we perceive ourselves to be the more afraid we are. Yet the power of vulnerability is standing up for who we really are and having the courage and compassion to make a difference.

In our modern age we want everything uncertain to be certain. So politics is no longer about discourse but about blame. Religious faith and mystery have been replaced by certainty and claims that only our group knows the right way to God. When you contemplate your career change, is the lack of certainty holding you back?

Many of us ‘numb’ vulnerability with overeating, addictions, medications or debt. However, emotions cannot be selectively numbed, for example grief, shame, disappointment.  In the process we also numb joy, gratitude and happiness and thus numb our search for purpose and meaning. Brene argues that the question is “why and how do we numb?”

In conclusion, we need to let ourselves be seen deeply and vulnerably, just as we are, love with our whole hearts even without guarantees and practice gratitude and joy. Lastly Brene says, “believe that you are enough“. 

I believe this video has a very powerful message for people seeking a career change.

Find out for yourself:

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