Career Change: More Job Losses in the UK

Government Cut Backs Hit the Public Sector Hard

The government’s austerity measures are forcing well-qualified professionals to leave what used to be secure positions in the public sector and start a new career in the private sector. The challenge is that having built a career in the public sector, moving to the private sector is hard, especially when the financial climate is restricting growth.

Are you in this position, being almost forced to take redundancy and start your career again? I know I found myself in this position in 2008. Basically, I had to go back to the drawing board and learn a whole new set of skills.

Just imagine if you had someone you could spend quality time with to review your current situation and help you plan your next Career Change. Well now you can, my name is Ghazala Faizi and I am a Career Change Expert and I want to help you find the career you deserve in what is still a tough market place.

You have a couple of options if you live in the UK or the US. First, I am running a one day Career Change Workshop on 10th July 2013 in Barnet, North London. At this event I will be helping 10 individuals who want to find their next Career go through the key steps to Career Change. If you want to be one of these 10 people then you need to call me as soon as possible to book your place. Call me on 07563 563 254. I will also be holding a workshop in Kissimmee, Florida in late July/early August for my US customers. 

If you want to move faster or just cannot make 10th July, then I suggest you register for my Career Change Webinar at  and learn the 7 Steps to Career Change. At the end of the Webinar I will tell you about my one to one Career Change Intensive which will enable me to help you find the perfect career change for you. Even with this you need to be quick as I will be flying off to Florida in mid July to share my knowledge with individuals in the USA.

In my experience the fastest way to achieve Career Change is to find a Career Change Coach who will walk you through the process and ensure you achieve your ideal career in the shortest period of time.  In your case, you have found one so why not give me a call and let’s talk it through. You can call me on 07563 563 254 or +44 7563 563 254 from the US.


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