Career Change: Mindful Meditation

I recently attended a webinar by Sanjib Mukherjee called ‘How To Make 2014 Your Best year Ever’. I was introduced to mindful meditation and found it very powerful and life changing.  Even though I have meditated in the past erratically, I am now doing so regularly as a priority, being aware of the immense benefits in my reach. This technique is brilliant for career changers due to these benefits.

The primary benefit of mindful meditation is that it helps us be fully present in the current moment. This is a place most of us avoid as we tend to live either in the future or in the past most of the time. Some of the other benefits are becoming motivated, achieving clarity and focus, and removing limiting beliefs about success. 

I was struck by how important mindfulness is for success and as a tool for overcoming stress, fear and lack of confidence. As a career coach, mindfulness is an important part of my approach, central to which is compassion, non-judgement and being open. In your career change, try mindful meditation for yourself and see how it helps propel you forward.


Mark Vernon, author of The Good Life, says that mindfulness means making the time to step back and provides you with a method for doing it.  “It encourages you to be more aware of life, and promises to be a source of insight and hope”.

Liz Hall, author of Mindful Coaching maintains that mindfulness “helps us be more emotionally intelligent, more present, more creative, better able to make better decisions, better able to manage stress, and become more resilient”.

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