Career Change in 2013

In a LinkedIn survey of 7,100 professionals from around the world recently, it was found that 74% had set professional goals in 2012 and 56% had achieved them.  The top five goals set by US professionals for 2013 are as follows:

  1. Professional development via learning new skills
  2. Networking more and building more professional relationships
  3. Get a new job/career
  4. Get a raise
  5. Get promoted or move into a leadership role.

 Learning new skills in the new year was the top goal not only for US professionals but also for those in Brazil. However, getting a new job/career is also a prominent goal for many professionals, now that the recession is slowing and jobs are growing. So how important is career change to you?  Is it your number 1 goal?

Nicole Williams, career expert at LinkedIn recommends following

this model of career accomplishment: after identifying someone whose shoes you’d like to walk in, follow the trajectory of their career success on LinkedIn.  Find out what skills they have, how they landed the position they are currently in and what former positions led to this post, what groups have they joined, etc.

If you want to ensure that you achieve your professional goals, particularly a career change goal, finding out the ‘why’ for your goals will give you the motivation and inspiration you need. Williams says about a professional goal, “the more intimate, meaningful, life-affirming and even vulnerable it is, the more likely you are to see it through”. For example, I am motivated to keep fit by going to the gym because I want to see my child grow up and have her own children one day.

Create accountability for yourself by working with a coach/mentor to ensure you reach your professional goals for 2013, the year of your career change.

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