Career Change If Your Dreams Are Not For Sale

The latest research by suggests that a fifth of British workers feel they have more ambition than their current job allows and 60% say that they don’t have a dream job to aim for. Do you have a dream job? Or are your dreams for sale?  If they are not, then invest in yourself to live that dream. 

Do you believe that you’re ready for a breakthrough in your career and your life. Have you realized just how much more fun and meaningful it is to merge your purpose and passion with your career?  I know, the words ‘purpose‘ and ‘passion‘ are thrown around a lot these days, it’s a current trend. Nevetheless, they are important in how to LIVE in your own, authentic way.  An effective career coaching programme can help you breakthrough the resistance that has been holding you back.

It is possible to change your career on your own just as it is possible to set up your own business. But do you want to reinvent the wheel or do you want to greatly accelerate your career change? Engaging someone who has a track record in coaching/mentoring can save you a great deal of time and expense.  It may not be as expensive as you think, particularly if you weigh up the cost of going it alone.  You could be leaving a six figure sum on the table, the income you could have earned.

I learned the hard way myself. I was struggling to set up my new business and knew I was on the right track.  However, I was frustrated at the long learning curve and the time it was taking me to establish myself.  I felt overwhelmed and bewildered by all the tasks I needed to do.


Invest In Yourself

All that changed when I reflected on my own value and decided to invest in myself.  I engaged a mentor who already had a successful business and subsequently, I was able to set up my business rapidly.  This was due to developing a clear plan, taking action, focusing on priorities, having a guide for the complexities involved and being accountable for my daily actions. I could have saved one year if I had engaged a coach/mentor much earlier.

An Olympic athlete goes through a process to achieve a Gold Medal, appointing a coach, a nutritionist, following a training programme, etc. Success does not happen overnight. Similarly, you need to get the support you need for your career change, whether or not it involves setting up your own business.

Many people assume that because a business is being set up online, it is a simple task.  This is an error. Setting up a thriving business is time consuming and complex, whether online or offline. If you are new to this, as I was, you will not be aware of the market realities or imperatives that your business must follow. A coach/mentor enables you to take shortcuts and to benefit from their investment in their own education and business.  This saves you money and time, which is even more valuable.

So take action on your career change now to get the life you really want.

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