Career Change For The Over-50s

In the USA and the UK, many people who have more than 30 years of experience are not securing paid employment or being able to make a career change. Too many people over 50 are finding themselves out on a limb after being made redundant.  They find getting work again increasingly difficult despite their years of experience and/or qualifications and ask whether age discrimination has again reared its ugly head in the guise of the recession.

What’s your experience? Do you feel abandoned by the employment market? Smart over-50s are setting up their own businesses based around their years of expertise and developing their own brands. Did you know that no one else can do what you can, in your own particular way? Many are setting up their own consultancies. You no longer have to prove to anyone else that you are good enough, have enough experience or are responsible. You are the boss!

CNN reported on 09.04.13 about a British couple who were both made redundant within a few weeks of each other.  Instead of searching for jobs, they decided to set up their own wedding catering company and three years later have a successful business. Watch the video here.

You can set up your business or consultancy alone.  However, if you engage a career coach, you will find that you save huge amounts of money and time. For my support, contact me at or call me for a free consultation. 

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