Career Change During the Holiday Season

Now that December has arrived and Christmas is approaching fast, many people decide to defer their job search or career change until the New Year.  Does that apply to you? The assumption is that employers will not be appointing new staff and many companies are closed or go slow over the festive season.

However, this period is also a time when many organisations have a severe shortage of staff due to annual leave being taken. Many may require temporary staff to fill in the gap or may need to spend their budget allocations by the end of the year.  Temporary or permanent jobs are available during this time. December is a great time for career changers to come to the attention of hiring managers as this will often be a quiet time of year for them.

A temporary post is not to be sneezed at as it is a legitimate way to get your foot in the door, particularly during your career change.  Once you have impressed your manager by your reliability, punctuality and commitment, opportunities will come knocking at your door. You may well find that longer term or permanent contracts are offered to you. At the worst, you will have further achievements to add to your CV.

So don’t believe the myth that companies are not hiring in December. Be one of the few job seekers persistently approaching employers and you will have an advantage over those who take a break during the holiday season. You will have less competition and can make the most of the plethora of parties taking place to network. So get cracking!

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