Career Change: Choose Yourself

I have just finished readying ‘Choose Yourself’ by James Altucher, published in 2013. I highly recommend this book to career changers and to anyone else interested in personal development.  If you want to know how others have conquered their fears and obstacles despite what life has thrown at them, this book is for you.  It’s also your cup of tea if you are going through a tough time now in your life and need some inspiration and hope.

Altucher’s subtitle for the book is ‘Be Happy, Make Millions, Live The Dream’.  This particularly resonates with me because my first book, in its writing phase now, will be about why and how you should work in your passion.  Too many of us work in jobs that don’t fulfill us, or neglect our potential.  I believe you should be able to take your whole self to work, not only the parts the employer may want. When you work in your passion, you will be happy and at your most productive and creative.

Altucher argues that the middle class is dead, jobs are disappearing and every industry is going through transformation.  Therefore, individuals have to transform themselves too. He suggests “you have to choose yourself to succeed”. We are in a phase where ideas are more important than people and we have to choose ourselves for happiness. What he means by choosing yourself is that rely on no-one else to make you happy or bring you success. Take responsibility for your own life and career, whatever shape it may take.

Technology, outsourcing, efficiencies in productivity as well as the burgeoning temp staffing industry have all meant that the job era of jobs for life is in the past. However, today, hundreds of startups are being set up at a rapid pace and successfully stealing business from corporates.  Women entrepreneurs are a growing trend transforming the world of work as we know it. Everyone is an entrepreneur now or wants to be.

Altucher recommends you say “no” more often. He learned the “power of no” when he decided that there was more value for him when he enjoyed what he was doing rather than when he chased after every business project that came his way. For example, he used to say yes when asked to meet someone, or to have coffee with them, but does so no longer. There are so many reasons we say yes when doing so is not what we really want or need. How often do you say yes and wish you’d said no?

Shaa Wasmund, author of ‘Stop Talking, Start Doing’, says in her blog that when we say “yes” to the things that don’t engage us, it takes our time away from the people and the things we love. And it’s time that you said no to the things you don’t want to do or that you don’t have the time to do.  Instead say yes to what you enjoy and what brings meaning to your life. That’s why you should pursue a career where you have a passion.

Did you know that more than 60 % of the population want to change their careers but for a variety of reasons, many do nothing about it?  Some however, know that only their own actions and passion will get them to the new career.  The wisest know that getting a coach and mentor will get them to their destination much quicker and are ready to invest in themselves and their own development.

As a trained Executive Coach and Career Coach, I can accelerate you to your new career and support you through what can be a complex process.  If you would my support, email me at or call me on +44 753 563 254 for a free career assessment.  Wherever you are in the world, I can work with you through Skype and other technologies.


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