Career Change By Working With A Coach

There are countless benefits from working with a coach. One of the most obvious ones is that being coached is the fastest way to achieve your ideal career. What could take months or years can be condensed into a few weeks depending on the coaching service provided.

As Miles Downey, the leading coaching expert says, “Effective coaching delivers achievement, fulfilment and joy”. Coaches know that their clients are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole and it is they who set the agenda. Coaches work by developing the inner wisdom of their clients and enabling them to provide their own important insights. Coaches celebrate their client’s success and are 100% supportive of them.

Central to the coaching approach is the setting and achieving of written goals. Without goals people are rudderless and their aims to improve their lives are just dreams. Goals are important in order to have a direction and focus in life and action planning is the method used to achieve them.If your dream is not for sale, then invest in yourself to live that dream by engaging a career coach.

If you get the support you need you will accelerate your career change and save time and money in the long run. As a coach/mentor I act as a guide and provide my clients with shortcuts and help when they get stuck. I am completely dedicated to their success and listen to and support them when they explore their own dreams and vision.

As a career coach I challenge, encourage and champion my clients each and every step of the way. I use a number of techniques to raise their awareness and help them achieve their potential, including thinking ‘outside the box’.

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