Career Change By Changing Your Emotional State

In recent posts, I have blogged about the importance of positive thinking and the influence that your mindset has on your achievements.  I believe that once you change your mindset you can change your career successfully.  However, I now have a deeper understanding of the impact a positive mindset has on our energetic vibrations through our emotions and I want to share my insights with you.

Thanks to Mark Anastasi for bringing the following chart to my attention! This is the Abraham-Hicks emotional guidance scale and it demonstrates the emotions that are higher on the vibrational scale. This is significant as when you feel the higher level emotions of joy, passion, love, appreciation (gratitude), etc. you bring the law of attraction into being and attract what you want into your life.  Before you consider this all too wierd, try it for yourself.   

Even though we know we need to think positively, it’s not always easy to do in practice. Our fears, disappointments and limiting beliefs about ourselves keep us firmly down in the lower vibrations or in unhappiness.  It’s no coincidence that one of the lowest vibration is powerlessness. The good news is that we can lift our vibrations by thinking ourselves happier using the emotional guidance scale below.

This is how it works. Decide where the emotion you are feeling right now about your career change is on the scale and then think or speak to yourself into the emotion just above or even a few scales above until you really feel that emotion.  For example, if you are feeling disappointment because your career is not playing out the way you dreamed it would, say some affirmations around positive expectations of yourself or solutions to your problems.  Think how you would feel if you were successful beyond your wildest dreams and really feel those emotions as if they were happening to you right now.

Your subconscious does not differentiate between negative or positive so choose positive, happy thoughts and emotions.  I know which ones I will choose. The law of attraction will bring you these type of experiences if you can manage your emotional state at the higher levels.  Try it out and share your experiences with me.

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