Career Change by Seizing Opportunities

For your career change to be a success, you need to find great career

opportunities. However, you will have to create those opportunities through your networks rather than expect them to call on you. Entrepreneurs often experience breakthroughs as stops and starts.  They are rarely linear as demonstrated in the graph. Similarly, breakthroughs in your career are likely to be punctuated and may appear to be a matter of ‘luck’.  To gain a competitive advantage, you need to be primed when opportunities appear.


For example, Jennifer Aniston of Friends fame, worked for years as a waitress, a telemarketeer selling time-share apartments, a messenger and a receptionist with bit parts acting on TV and film. Aniston reportedly considered giving up acting but persisted in auditioning for numerous acting roles until she won the lead role in Friends. She was eventually awarded a Grammy and an Emmy award and earned $1m per episode for the last two seasons of Friends. Similarly, don’t give up on your dream, be persistent.


Entrepreneurs have a mindset that brims with curiosity and career changers should emulate this approach of wonderment and questioning. By ensuring you are open-minded and always moving during your career change, if serendipity or accidental good fortune occurs, you will be aware of it and can act on the potential opportunity. By moving I mean that you should always be doing something purposeful which will increase the likelihood of random chances coming your way.

Local Networking

Opportunities are provided by people and to increase the flow of encounters you make, in addition to your use of social media, join and participate in a number of diverse, small groups or local informal networks or set one up yourself.  Another alternative is, a site that publicises events taking place in your local area. When people share experiences and are located in the same locality, this leads to trust and cooperation that in turn leads to collaboration once information and opportunities are shared.


If nothing is working out for you and you feel your back is against the wall, this is the time for you to hustle. Be persistent, keep trying and never settle. There are always ‘dreamcatchers’, or people out there telling you “you will never be able to do it” and others willing to quash your goals or dreams.  Ignore them. Follow your own intuition and your heart. Only you know what resonates with you, at your deepest level.  So go out there and create your career change! We are all creators of our world. HR departments are often the gatekeepers of an organisation and their job is to say “no”. Vault over them to the people who matter.

Opportunities m

ay not arrive at a convenient time but will be lost if you do not seize them. There is rarely certainty and often ambiguity is involved in opportunities you come across. If you wish to “keep your options open”, then this may cost you a great deal in the long term.  You will need to commit yourself and take a risk, despite inconvenience and lack of certainty to give opportunity the chance to strike for you and your new career change.

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