Career Change by Sampling Different Careers

Are you clear about the direction of your new career? Or are you, like the majority of people contemplating a career change, not sure what your new career will be? Don’t despair! As it is now summer (weather permitting) holiday time many colleges and universities throughout the country are offering trial sessions for anyone to try out a prospective career.

For example, West Cheshire College in the UK is offering free taster sessions in areas ranging from working as an engineer, chef, fashion designer, beautician or sports coach. Although these sessions are aimed primarily at school leavers, anyone can apply.

West Cheshire College is also actively recruiting people seeking their ‘perfect’ career change to try out various types of careers. The taster sessions include “extracting DNA in the college’s science labs, a day in the life of a fire cadet, an introduction to nail art, a workshop in theatre and dance; being a member of cabin crew on the mock air cabin for a day, designing a T-shirt and developing a computer game”.

Adult education offers free trial sessions throughout the UK. In Weston-supermare, adults from anywhere in the UK are invited to try out something new. For instance, Weston College is offering a range of vocational courses as part of their successful two week ASPIRE programme in July and August such as property maintenance, construction and electrical engineering; and green technology. They also have an Executive ASPIRE programme to assist middle or senior managers facing redundancy who are looking at career development and professional development during their career change.

Portsmouth’s Highbury College has free taster sessions that let you try experiment with a wide range of activities. They offer interview skills; IT computing; personal and creative development; community and volunteering and digital photography.

The University of London’s Careers Group has over 100 taster courses over their numerous colleges to allow people to experience different teaching methods and gain an insight into university courses. Examples range from ‘Computing Careers: Learn from the Professionals’ and ‘Engineering for Women’ and ‘Film Production’.

Did you know that some newspapers offer free taster sessions too? Brighton daily newspaper the Argus offers free journalism and sub-editing workshops throughout the year for those of you considering a career change into journalism. City University among others offers free trial sessions to people considering taking a degree in journalism.

Alison is a website that offers 400 free online certificated courses which are multimedia based as well as interactive. Subjects include Business and Enterprise skills, Financial and Economic Literacy and Digital Literacy and IT Skills. They also provide Diploma courses in professions such as Environmental Science, Manufacturing and Product Design, Legal Studies and Web Design.

So what are you waiting for? There are a huge range of options ready for you to experiment with or try out to help you decide whether retraining is one of your options or whether a particular career is the right one for you. Of course, finding a subject that you like is only part of the picture.  Ensure that your talents, passions, skills and interests converge into the career change of your dreams.  If you agree with my blog post, ‘like’ me and ‘share’ my blog in Facebook.

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