Career Change By Rewiring Your Brain

I recently discovered a book that shows us how to create a positive mindset by rewiring our brains.  ‘Rewire Your Brain. Think Your Way To A Better Life’ by John B Arden was published in 2010. This book pulls together the latest developments in neuroscience as well as evidence-based research to give us practical ways to change our own brains and influence our behavior towards our cherished goals.

The author reveals the science of neuroplasticity which means ‘cells that fire together, work together’. Our brains are constantly killing off old connections to neurons and creating new ones and we can use this knowledge for developing new, good habits.This is useful for career changers who wish to replace negative mind chatter and limiting beliefs to those that serve them.








Another fascinating aspect of neuroplasticity is that the more talented we become at particular skills, the greater the space occupied in the brain. Repetition rewires the brain and creates habits. It has been shown that the brain rewires when musicians practice with their instruments and even when they just imagine or practice mentally. This is significant because it demonstrates how our behavior can change the structure of the brain and we can rewire our brains through mental practice alone.

In your career change, consider how rewiring your brain can assist you in achieving your new career.  If you would like my help, you can email me at

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