Career Change By Removing Limiting Beliefs

What has been holding you back from working in the career of your dreams or starting up a business around your passion?  Apart from financial considerations, is it fear that has prevented you from moving forward?  Is it fear of failure or fear of success? Maybe it’s a lack of confidence.

Self limiting beliefs are those beliefs about ourselves which are not true but are accepted by us as such. For example, I am no good at interviews; I will never be rich or money is the root of all evil. The fact is anyone can become good at interviews with the right preparation and training. But sometimes our fears exert such power that we don’t even try to move beyond what is safe and manageable for us, our comfort zone. Our negative beliefs act to sabotage our success by preventing us from taking action to find our new career.

Did you know that any limiting beliefs you have can be removed and replaced by positive beliefs that are grounded in reality?  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has a number of techniques that we can use to eliminate and exchange limiting beliefs. One of these techniques is called ‘swishing’ and another technique is anchoring where you embed the new beliefs through a physical reminder. I carry out these live visualization exercises with my clients during the Career Change Intensive .

These and other NLP techniques are excellent methods of changing our behaviours to those that serve us and enable us to live creative, joyous and fulfilled lives. They work by directly dealing with the subconscious mind, which is far more powerful than the conscious mind. Did you know you can reprogramme your subconscious mind in all areas of your life?  For example, health and fitness, money and finances, business, career, relationships, etc. and these techniques really do work.

 Your beliefs are important as they determine the success you will have in your life. It is crucial that any self limiting beliefs are uncovered and replaced in order to stop them blocking your success. Take action now and find out which beliefs are damaging your career and potential. To find out how and to work with me, email me on or give me a call.

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