Career Change By Knowing Your Values

Do you know what your v

alues are?  Most people are unaware of them, yet they determine how you lead your life and the decisions and choices you make every day. Are you aware of the importance of values in determining your job satisfaction and in making a career change? Your values provide a mental map that help you navigate your daily life. They also act as standards by which you lead your life and negotiate the world around you.

Did you know that many of our values and beliefs come from other people? Our families, peers, bosses impose their beliefs on us without our even realising it.

A successful career change requires self awareness and knowing what your values and beliefs are. Your values will provide you with a guide to selecting the employer you will work for next.

Anthony Robbins says “the most important opinion a person will ever hold is the one that they hold about themselves”.

Maybe abundance is important to you, or freedom.  Is working outdoors necessary for you? Five common values are freedom, truth, challenge, significance and independence

Your values give you an understanding of who you are and what makes you tick. If your values are compromised, you feel bad. Align your values with your strengths and interests to move you towards career change success and not away from it. If your career or workplace does not align with your values, you will be unhappy and unmotivated.

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