Career Change By Having a Portfolio Career

Do you have lots of interests and talents but can’t make up your mind which one will give you a viable career change?  The good news is that sometimes you don’t have to choose.  You can have a portfolio career consisting of a number of different types of activities, maybe not all paid.  This can succeed as long as you maintain your work life balance.  With a portfolio career, you get paid from one to several small jobs.

One of the benefits of a portfolio career is you can go on working for as long as you want to.  You will not face age discrimination or compulsive retirement. A further advantage is that older workers can prepare themselves gradually for retirement at their own pace.

A portfolio career is ideal for people who cannot choose between their many passions and find combining them much more rewarding and fulfilling than doing a single full time job.

A portfolio career may consist of a few part-time jobs, temporary or interim jobs, contracts, self-employment, non-executive positions or freelancing.

Portfolio working can be complicated to organise which can be challenging at times.  However, this is balanced by the fact that you will love what you do and find it interesting and stimulating.

Here’s an idea. What expertise do you have that you could pursue for part of the week to allow you to follow your passion the rest of the time?

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