Career Change By Finding Out Who You Are

Are you over 40 and applying for job after job but getting nowhere? Do you say to yourself, “I’m tired of constantly having to prove my worth to other people, to show them that I’m good enough.  I have to keep demonstrating how experienced I am and that I am smart enough. This is despite my track record that shows how competent, how hard-working, and how responsible I am. I know I have such a lot to offer but I am not being given the chance to prove it”.

If you want to try another option as part of a career change, you could explore setting up your own business in your area of expertise or doing the same work as a consultant.  For many people, they enjoyed the work they did in their last job and have no idea what work they could do that is different.

The first step I recommend you take is to find out who you really are at a deep level. Do you know what your values and beliefs are?  What drives and motivates you? You can establish your own values and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

However, in practice, it is hard to analyse yourself and come up with profound insights.  A career coach can take you through the process of exploring your drivers and help you reinvent your new values and beliefs to those that serve you in your career change

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