Career Change By Feeding the Brain

Following from my previous post about rewiring the brain, it is interesting that contrary to science’s previous understanding, the brain is not hard wired but changes throughout our lives. This is great news for those contemplating a career change as we can rewire our brains to develop new behaviours that we wish to have, such as increased confidence, assertiveness skills,etc. We can moreover, change our mindset from a predominantly negative one to a positive one.

In ‘Rewire Your Brain. Think Your Way To A Better Life’ by John Arden (2010) the author outlines a four point method for rewiring the brain with the acronym FEED: Focus, Effort, Effortlessness and Determination. 

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Focus is paying attention to the situation or new behaviour which starts the process of neuroplasticity by engaging the frontal lobes of the brain. It serves as an alert that helps this part of the brain concentrate resources where they are needed.

Effort involves taking action, making a focused effort to establish a new behaviour. Your brain is activated to make new synaptic connections.

Effortlessness arises when the new behavior becomes automatic and the brain can work less hard. The more you use particular brain cells together, the more you will use them in the future together. For example, becoming proficient with a tennis swing initially requires much practice but eventually becomes easy as the brain has been rewired to perform the task effortlessly. 

Determination is the final stage of the process and involves doing the activity repeatedly.  This completes the feeding process to rewire the brain.  Determination means that you stay in practice.  If you don’t practice, you will break the pattern and your behavior will not be effortless. You will have to repeat the practice again.

In your career change, consider how you could rewire your brain to assist you in achieving your new career.  If you would like my help, you can email me at or go to and we can start working together.

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