Career Change By Engaging A Career Coach

Career change can seem bewildering and can be a long process. Everyone gets stuck once in a while, but no one has to stay stuck. Help is available. You just need to be open to the form in which it arrives. If it arrives in the form of your own coach, then go for it. It may be just what you need.

One thing is for sure.  Working with a career coach can accelerate your career change.  What might have taken months or years can be fast-tracked into a few weeks or months. When you consider how much the long term cost of delaying your career change is, can you afford not to invest in yourself?

These days trainers and mentors often call themselves coaches but there are professional coaches out there and we may be mentors too. A coach is more than a ‘cheerleader’ or a champion. Coaches use a range of techniques to work with their clients at a deep level. Coaching is solutions focused and results oriented as well as geared towards the future.

Effective coaching can deliver extraordinary results and the outcome of hiring a coach has often been described as ‘magical’. Many coaches use NLP techniques to help their clients overcome fears and obstacles. It’s no accident that most corporations now engage coaches for their Executive staff.

I became a career coach because I love helping people achieve their dream career.  My passion is helping people find work they love to do because it makes such an enormous difference to their quality of life, creativity and happiness.

I have gone through the career change process myself, overcome obstacles and succeeded in having my own business. Life’s too short to waste it doing work you dislike or that does not excite and inspire you! A career coach will help you achieve your highest expectations of yourself. Do yourself a favour. 

Engage a career coach and find your ideal career and life. To work with me, contact me on or give me a call.

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