Career Change By Checking Your Online Reputation

Are you aware how your name appears in search engine sites on the internet, particularly during your career change?  Google your name regularly to keep up to date with your online reputation.  A new study by Microsoft has revealed that 70% of online recruiters have rejected candidates solely on the basis of their online search results.  There are a number of steps you can take to ‘clean’ up your profile if necessary during your career change and then to make sure all posts about you are to your advantage.

The first step is to address the negative information about you out there by untagging yourself from photos that affect your reputation, by deleting posts on social media sites that you do not want to be associated with, etc. As I have advocated in previous posts about career change, you need to buy your own domain name, e.g. ‘’ or ‘’. Then go about creating positive posts and links to your own blog that drown out the negative posts. That way, you will ensure that your career change is not hampered by a poor reputation.

For details on this crucial task, read and act on the insightful article in Yahoo News today using this link: .

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