Career Change By Believing in Yourself

Do you believe in yourself? Or are you your own worst enemy, constantly criticizing and belittling yourself when contemplating a career change? Many people have negative mind chatter that sabotages their success. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can reframe your brain and ensure that you have a positive mindset to take you towards your goals.

There is scientific evidence now that the brain has ‘neuroplasticity’. This has been discovered through research into people with damaged brains, whom it was found are not limited or damaged for life. Dr Norman Doidge M.D.’s book ‘The Brain that Changes Itself’(2007) explains that neuroplasticity is the capacity of the brain to rewire by creating new neural pathways and adapting itself to our thoughts. All we have to do is to repeat activities that reinforce new learning. We do this by thinking optimistic thoughts and taking positive actions.

The fact is, nothing about our brains is set in stone. Our brains are not hard-wired as previously thought but can and do change throughout our lives. This is a liberating thought for those wanting to change career as the implication is that you have a choice in how you react, who you are depends on the choices you make, and who you are is therefore your responsibility, and yours alone. John Arden is his book ‘Rewire Your Brain: Think Your Way to a Better Life’ (2010), gives tools and techniques to help you maximise your brain’s potential and achieve your ideal life.

In my view, you can create whatever you want to in your life if you believe in yourself. You can encourage self belief by listing your strengths, talents and skills. Invest in your personal development for your career change and replace those limiting beliefs. Set some big goals, take action and don’t settle until you have achieved your dream career. Remember to celebrate even the smallest of your successes as they will lead to your greatest wins.

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