Career Change By Becoming Visible

In June 2012 I attended the three day ‘Flip Your Switch’ event organized by business coach Christina Morassi which took place in Marina del Rey, just outside of Los Angeles.  The event was aimed at personal branding for solo entrepreneurs setting up their own businesses as a career change and of 100 attendees, 97% were women.

Although I already have my niche and my own business, I wanted to model Christina’s innovative approach with the view to using some of the inspirational tips I gained in my work with my own clients.

We discussed serious topics such as business branding and marketing but also had fun dancing and listening to live harp music.  One of the participants just stood up one day and started singing cabaret really well! It was an excellent networking opportunity for us all too.

In the workshop we discussed visibility first and foremost.  Did you know that “the world is not served by you shrinking”?  Many of us play small and feel fear due to being chastised as children.  We are reluctant to outshine others in case we make them feel bad.   We also fear being boastful when we are in our power.

However, we all have star power deep down even though most of us fail to switch it on.  Hence, when you flip your switch during your career change, you turn the star power back on. As Christina said, “You need to be a beacon in the world for what you are teaching”.

Don’t be afraid to take a leap or many leaps.  As Gay Hendricks writes in his book ‘The Big Leap’, what is your big leap?”  Did you know you are defined by the friends you hang out with and by the books you read? In your career change, make sure you surround ourselves with people who will act as a community for you and are also on similar journeys.

Christina’s pionee

ring work involves helping budding entrepreneurs to bring all their gifts together and develop an ‘ecstatic brand’.  This is a process whereby you stand out in the marketplace with your own unique personal brand.  Christina advised us all to invest in ourselves to get the support we needed on our journey by finding a mentor that “spoke to our soul”.

During the three days we explored who our ideal clients were, how our previous work experiences had shaped us and the specific, concrete problems we wanted to solve for our clients.  As Napolean Hill said in ‘Think and Grow Rich’, “specialized knowledge is more valued than general knowledge”.

We heard from Bill Baren who is the Master of Enrolment and I was really struck by his argument that we should all be creating a business where no part of us is left behind. We should have transformational conversations with people that allow them to tap into their potential. During your career change, make sure you find a career that allows all of you to be expressed.

We had a presentation from Vrinda Normand who discussed how we could “captivate clients with our irresistible message”. Vrinda is a marketing guru and she advised we speak to people’s hearts when communicating with them.  It is important to give value and build trust in order to develop a relationship with potential clients.  Vrinda gave many valuable copywriting tips for marketing campaigns.

All in all, it was an amazing time and I loved every minute of the event.  For the first time ever, I actually felt bereft in the days after the workshop ended as I wanted to continue meeting with the incredible women who attended with me. I felt I learned a lot of useful tips and inspiration that will benefit my clients while they undergo their career change.Thanks, Christina Morassi!

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