Career Change By Becoming an Entrepreneur

Happy International Women’s Day!

Many women finding themselves free after their children have left home, are undertaking a career change in their forties and fifties.  At last, they have a chance to do what they have always dreamed of or aspired to do.  In fact, women in midlife are now the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, creating and launching new businesses at a rapid rate.

A study recently published by Accenture (a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company) revealed that for more than half of men and women, money, recognition and autonomy took a back seat to work-life balance. The money you make no longer defines success, and success is now considered to include a good career and enjoyment of life. This is a significant move away from the prevalent culture of workaholics and regular overtime.

For many, setting up their own business is the way they achieve the fit between their career and the rest of their lives.  In this era of the internet, huge numbers of companies are being run from

home as so little overheads are associated with online work. Gender too is irrelevant for those running an internet business such as internet marketing, social media consulting, etc. or leading companies in their fields of expertise. When we are the directors of our own companies and lead our organisations we seize equality in our own hands!

If you are ready to change your career to lead your own business, a career coach can help.  If you would like my support in your career change,  you can email me at or go to and we can start working together!

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