Career Change By Becoming A Linchpin

In his book ‘Linchpin’, 2010, Seth Godin argues that it’s essential for an employee to become indispensable – to become a linchpin in their organization.  Linchpins invent, make things happen, lead whatever their job is, connect others, and create order out of chaos. Because they love their work “they pour their best selves into it and turn each day into a kind of art – and, in today’s world, they get the best jobs and the most freedom”. Would you like this to be an outcome of your career change?

Godin asserts that the key to being indispensable is overcoming the fears that hold most of us back. It’s time to stop conforming to the system and draw your own map.  So what sort of role do you play in your company?  Is it a role that you are happy with or do you wish you could be a linchpin?

It is widely accepted that if your work is your passion, not only do you perform at your best but you are happier and more engaged.  Work feels like play and time seems to disappear. You will be at your creative best and acting as a linchpin.  How many successful actors have you heard say that they are not working but doing what they love? What energises and excites you?

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