Career Change By Attracting Rewarding Work

People who are keen to change their careers are often hesitant to make the move as they question whether they can get paid to do work that they love, around their passion. However, it is happening all the time.

Kathy Caprino, a career expert at Ellia Communications says that in order to attract the right work, “you must be fully aware and conscious of your own talents, abilities, passions and worthiness to recognize (and reach out and grab) right work when it comes your way”.

Once you know who you are and what you have to offer, it is time to use your gut instincts or intuition to decide which route to pursue. After all, if you are unhappy with your career, this means you are unhappy with your life. As Kathy says, you should be enjoying your life, having incredible adventures and ‘making an impact’ on the world in a way that matters to you.

Remember, nobody in the whole wide world will have your take on what you do or quite the same passion that you have. You are unique and the world is waiting for you to share your gifts. What are you waiting for?

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