Career Change: Bedazzle in 2014


2014, create a new You and bedazzle all around you.
I personally find the beginning of the year an exciting time as I feel I have been given a new chance to achieve my dreams in the coming year.  I feel optimism and change in the air in January 2014 and believe that anything is possible. It’s interesting that there was a new moon at the beginning of January too, a great time to set positive intentions for the year.

Everyone is talking about resolutions or goals and how you can achieve them.  Even more people are discussing how few resolutions will be achieved and how most will be abandoned by February 2014.  So how can you ensure that you successfully fulfil your goals for your new career?

Firstly, think about what you really want from life as your career has an impact on all areas.  Do you know what your deeply held values are and are you meeting them in the work you currently do? Review your past career and think about what has been holding you back from achieving your ideals.

Secondly, are you aware what your passion is? Is there something you would love to do but do not expect to be paid for it?  Would you like to set up your own business but are not sure how or in what niche? Working with a career coach/mentor can help you clarify what your ideal career is. If you would like my support for this, contact me on  If you are not yet 40, I won’t hold it against you!

Thirdly, ensure that you set realistic goals for the short, medium and long term and that all your goals are framed correctly.  As our behaviour is affected by our subconscious to a large extent, it is important that our goals are supported by our subconscious and not sabotaged by it.  That’s why it is so important to write down your goal in the present tense as if it has already happened and give it a deadline.  For example, I have achieved my target weight of x by end of June 2014. Your subconscious will help you achieve it.

Do your goals resonate with you emotionally? Goals are more likely to be achieved if they affect you deeply and you have a motivation for achieving them.  For example, you want to work from home so that you can spend more time with your children. Make sure you have goals for the main areas of your life, e.g. career, health, finances, relationships, etc.

So now you have your goals, how can you ensure that you will succeed in achieving them?  Having a positive attitude is a pre-requisite.  To find out how you can develop and maintain a positive mindset, read my free guide.

However, you will also need to be persistent and take action regularly towards your goals through a strategic career plan. This will help you to organize the various tasks required and enable you to monitor your progress and to take corrective action where required.  Don’t leave achieving your goals to chance as that’s the way they will drop from your radar.  Invest in yourself and get a coach to motivate you, hold you accountable and inspire you to achieve what you have only previously dreamed about.  I know you can do, be and have anything you want! What will you choose for 2014?

Capture my support while I am still available, contact me at or call me on +44 7563 563 254.

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