Career Change By Avoiding These Four Mistakes

Not Doing Research

If you don’t do your homework and research the new career you want to work in, you may make a decision that you later regret.  Outline the pros and cons for the new career path and look at all the ramifications for your career progression and your personal life.  Find out what qualifications and training you need and whether your current skills are taken into account in your chosen career.  Don’t start at the entry level in a new career, make sure your experience and skills are valued. You may decide to stay within the industry or completely change the sphere in which you work.  You may choose to stay with the same employer but seek a different career within the organisation.  For example, instead of Sales, you may move over to Marketing or Accounts.

No Career Plan

It is important that you set long term goals in the career of your choice. Without a direction or actual practical steps to achieve your new career, you limit what you can achieve and the time it will take you. Hire a coach to support you through this process.  You do not have to do it alone, especially if you are not clear what your new career path will be. Goals and a career plan provide you with a clear road map for your career change journey. A coach will also help you achieve your personal best, keep you accountable and support you until you achieve your goals.  You will avoid procrastination or giving up through despair and lack of confidence.

Allowing Money To Be The Deciding Factor

Many people work for money to enable them to have the lifestyle they desire. However, money should not be the deciding factor in your decision to make a career change or to take a new job. Find out what your passion is because if you work in your passion, you will be much happier, more productive and more creative.  You will be in flow and money will then come easily as you excel in what you do for your living. Don’t change your career out of desperation because you are unhappy with your employer or colleagues.  Change it when you are at the top but are aware that this is not your passion and you are not fulfilling your ambitions for the rest of your life.

Not Controlling Your Mindset

Which affects you more, fear of success or fear of failure? We go through our lives and our careers allowing negative beliefs about ourselves or our capabilities to limit us in the choices we make regarding our career.  Often these beliefs have been instilled in us from a very early age and we regard them as true.  However, limiting beliefs are those that are not objective and do not serve you.  What about your values? Do you know who you really are?  You need to choose a career that upholds your most important values, otherwise you will be deeply dissatisfied with the change of career.  It’s also important that you have a positive outlook and a positive mindset that you control to ensure that negative and fearful thoughts do not sabotage your new career.

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