Career Change – Are You Facing Redundancy?

It can be a very difficult time fo

r many when facing redundancy.  It may be devastating and a big blow to self esteem. There are so many fears experienced at this time, such as fear of the future, fear of change and fear of the unknown.  Have you experienced any of these?  You are not alone.  Thousands are now experiencing redundancy from jobs that they thought were permanent but turned out to be the opposite.

This means that there is a great deal of support out there for you. Before you leave your current employment, find out whether you are entitled to outplacement support.  Many employers will pay for services to be provided to help you find your next job. Take up all such opportunities that the employer offers to you.  Next, update your CV and sign up with a recruitment agency if you know the type of job you would like to do.  If you are considering a career change after leaving employment, employing a career coach will accelerate you to your next position.

Redundancy fr

om your past employment does not mean that you are redundant.  Far from it.  Redundancy is often a gift as it gets you out of the rat race and forces you to reassess your career and hence your whole life’s direction.  Would you be doing this review now if you had not been made redundant from work? Your career change might be a long and complicated process but it could also lead to the fulfillment of your life’s dreams. Carpe diem!

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