Career Change: Accelerate Your Career Now Book

Are you ready to ch

ange your career and take the first step to your new life? Then you will be interested in my new free eBook called Accelerate Your Career Now.  I propose that now is the ideal time to change your career, despite the economic downturn or the insecurity that many who are in work feel. I explore the quickest way to achieve your dream career, and outline what can fast-track your career change.  You’ll learn about some of the latest scientific research that provides proof of the advantages a positive mindset brings.  I cover the mindset extensively as its influence is critical to your success.

In the book you’ll discover how to review your skills and decide on the type of career change that suits you. Find out how you can uncover your passion or niche and how you can reframe your values and your beliefs to those that serve you and ensure that you do not limit your own potential.

I give my ideas on how you can develop a vision for your life and your career and how you can achieve your new career by setting goals.  Written goals are not enough to get you your new career however.  You’ll learn how to put your goals into action through a career plan.  Subsequently, you will find insights into how social media can impact your career change with several practical tips through the minefield of privacy and libel.  The job search strategies that will give you the edge are explored and finally I give you my eight tips for success that I believe will get you to your destination fast.

I believe that doing work you love is vital for your mental and emotional health and a career change could be just what you need.  It’s why your dreams are so important – they reflect the real you. I personally do not intend to have any regrets at the end of my life.  In this book, I will show you how you can avoid experiencing regrets by finding out who you really are deep down and seizing opportunities to do work that you love.

 I believe you have the whole world in your hands. Carpe diem!

For your free career assessment, call me on +44 7563 563 254 or email me at If you enjoyed reading this book but career change is not for you at the present time, please share the book with anyone you feel may benefit from it.

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