Change Your Career Now


Do you dread Monday mornings or do you dislike your job, your boss or colleagues? Maybe you are bored doing the same work day in day out?  Perhaps the type of organisation you work for behaves in a way that goes against your principles? Do you know you are worth a lot more than you are getting paid for right now? Do you feel you are wasting some of your skills in your current work? If any of these are true for you, you should be looking to change your job or career. If you are not working in your dream career, what are you prepared to do to achieve it?

You are not alone. More than half of the working population want to change their career but few take the action required before being made redundant. Many think that their jobs are safe, it’s only others that are facing redundancy. But the fact is, no one’s job is safe any longer. Even senior managers with excellent track records can find themselves out of the door.

Being made redundant is not your fault. You can choose to see redundancy as being thrown on the scrap heap, as many sadly do, or you can see it as being released or given your freedom. That’s what I did and so have countless others. The question is, are you willing to join us?

If you would like support to achieve your ideal career, contact me at or call me on 00 44 7563 563 254.

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