Welcome To Career Change At 40

Are you frustrated with your current career?  Do you dislike your job and dream about doing work that you love?  Maybe you are just dissatisfied in your current role?  Or are you facing redundancy? Perhaps you would like to work in your career you have always dreamed of before you retire?

While no-one else can create the ideal career for you, we can help you to create it with the right tools and techniques as well as support and motivation. We are a career coaching company offering career identification, transition and job search services.

If you are someone who wants to change your career and are willing to make it happen, you have come to the right place. There may be changes in your career that you want to make or that you have been putting off for whatever reason despite your unhappiness with your current situation. In the process of changing your career, you will find that your life will also be transformed. Instead of procrastinating and taking years to change your career to one that you love, take action now to fast-track your career change.

I am a trained career coach and I run two main programs. The first is a six one hour sessions coaching program over Skype.  To find out more about the coaching sessions go to www.careerchangeat40.com/services .

The second program is the Career Change Intensive.  The word intensive is chosen deliberately as we will work together over two coaching sessions and during one full day all devoted to your career change.  To find out more about this program, go to www.careerchangeat40.com/signature-programme.

For more information about my services and how I can help you, contact me at Ghazala@careerchangeat40.co.uk .

7 Steps To Your Dream Career Webinar

I recently launched the Webinar ‘7 Steps To Your Dream Job’. Register here to watch the webinar:  http://tiny.cc/toi4ww 

Webinar graphicsMany people these days want to change their career but for various reasons they don’t take action, often for years. This webinar is for people who are out of work or unhappy in their current jobs. At last here is a webinar where you can discover the seven secret steps to career change. The webinar demystifies the career change process and demonstrates how people can change their mindset to allow them to set effective goals and career plans to secure the job of their dreams.

The first step reveals how to find one’s passion as many people are not aware of what they are good at and can also earn an excellent living from. The webinar goes into detail on the type of mindset required for a successful career change.  Participants will discover what drives them and develop a new, compelling and inspiring vision of their career and their life through the webinar.  The 3 R framework model for career change is covered in the webinar involving how to reframe, review and retrain.

The webinar takes participants through the goal setting process and career planning stage. The final step covered is the job search process which includes the role of social media for job seeking and the best ways to use networking to secure a job in their ideal career.

I welcome any feedback you have on the webinar.

I would love to work with you if your career is your concern. I strongly believe that you are an extraordinary being with unlimited potential, a bright, sparkling diamond, no less. You can be, do and have everything if you have the courage to pursue your dreams until completion!


First of all, can you answer a few questions for me?

  • Have you settled for a career that makes you unhappy or one that is not right for you? Did you sell out on your dream?
  •  Maybe you are facing redundancy or looking to change your career. Or are you stuck in a rut in work that does not challenge your potential or makes use of your talents?
  • Perhaps you are stuck in a career that you do not like, let alone love.  Or do you feel trapped in your job, dreaming of being somewhere else and getting paid for it? Would you like to have a life?
  • Do you have sleepless nights worrying about your lack of income which you don’t know what to do about? 

For various  reasons many of us are not expressing our gifts and settle for jobs that drain our energy and our health. Decide today that you want to change your career and thereby your life.  A coach can be a powerful and supportive guide and mentor on that path once you decide to take action.

Inspirational Career Coaching

Taking control of your own career is more important in times of economic uncertainty than ever.  The old world paradigm of jobs for life, staying with one employer until retirement, etc. has been replaced by the new world paradigm where careers and skills are the responsibility of the individual, not any employer.  People now change their careers throughout their lives.

Are you aware that even though we are in a recession, there are thousands of jobs being filled every year and many millions of people are in employment? Do you want to join the rat race or do you want to do work that is fulfilling, feels like play and earns you a good income?

My mission is to help people discover their talents and passions and thereby find their ideal careers, getting the life they have always wanted.

How can career coaching help me?

You might be able to change your career alone but most people find it easier and faster to do with a coach or mentor.  One of the reasons is that you need to make sure you are not sabotaging your success by your own negative mindset or negative beliefs about yourself and what you can achieve.  Does fear of success or fear of failure worry you?

A coach can help you identify, eliminate and replace negative values and beliefs to move you forward towards your dream career. In the process you will look at how you can master your emotions and defeat limiting self beliefs to remove the obstacles that are preventing you from leading the life of your dreams.

As your coach, I will carry out a gap analysis to estimate the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and then we will develop your strategies for success. 

Career coaching can help you identify what is important to you in your life, your life purpose, transferable skills, interests, and more. We will look at all the different options to help identify a career option that is perfect for you, then set a vision around that and develop a master action plan to help you stay motivated and move forward.

Are you ready to change your career for the better? 

Then choose either one of these services:

Six Coaching sessions

Career Change Intensive

Find out what Denise from London said about the Career Change Intensive coaching:


Coaching is a non judgmental, positive, future oriented conversation, with the sole aim being to help and benefit YOU.

Everyone is born with unique talents and gifts to offer the world. For some, it’s being a mother and raising physically and emotionally healthy children. For others, it’s doing volunteer work, or starting a business, or being an author. Each person is different.

I believe that each of us can discover our unique gifts and life purpose, and once you have begun to work towards developing those gifts and using them in the world, you will have a sense of purpose, happiness, and satisfaction. Living an authentic life is one of the most important things we, as humans and as spiritual beings, can do.

My  passion is to help people have a fulfilling and satisfying career. Far too many people are stuck in a job that drains their energy, when they could have a job that energizes them, and allows them to have a life!

All you need to start with is the DESIRE to become the best that you can be.

 Coaching will enable you achieve your life goals, and believe me once you have, you will be looking towards your next goal because being positive and motivated is quite ADDICTIVE!


With the internet, the whole world is now in your hands. Carpe Diem!

Ghazala Faizi

Career Change Coach